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About Us

We are a team of system architects

Our Vision

The problem's problem. The Information Technology sector has evolved drastically in the past decade. Tech companies have introduced innovative and groundbreaking solutions to transform how we conduct business on a daily basis. However, the implementation of such technology got entangled with complexities that hindered the achievement of such technologies' purposes. Thereafter, companies specializing in solving these complexities took advantage of these obstacles and came to life. Their primary mission was to solve that problem. However, those solutions became a secondary problem especially to small and mid-sized business who could not afford their costs. The solution became a problem. 

An old problem, an evolving sector, and a big idea.  We believed that there had to be a solution. We tackled this problem from every aspect and angle. Then we realized that there wasn't one solution, there were many. Because every business is unique, is founded on different values and modeled to achieve different goals, we understood that each business should have its unique IT infrastructure. 


And then, we founded Kinetx Co. Our vision is to build affordable IT solutions customizable to each form of business in every industry.  The notion that businesses cannot afford the same infrastructure as large corporations is the main challenge we tackle every day and aim to render it obsolete.

 "In fact, technology routinely surpasses society’s ability to deal with it."

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We break that routine.

How our services

Keep your business safe

VoIP Phone System

Improve flexibility

help your business





IT Consulting

What sets us apart

Unlike major companies that horde knowledge and then demand exorbitant fees or binding contracts to access it, we chose to build trust by giving our clients complete freedom and by tearing down the barriers of prohibitive pricing. You choose to work with us because we are professional, creative, experienced and passionate, not because you have to.

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