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VoIP Phone System Features

Features Your Business Needs!

Kinetx Co's VoIP Phone System is fully customizable to your business needs. We design each phone system from scratch and build it uniquely for each project and business. 

Freedom & Flexibility

Take control of your phone system and design it to fit your business needs. Introduce productivity, flexibility, and most importantly efficiency to your business. Allow your customers and employees to communicate on the most advanced platform build specifically for you!

At No Extra Cost

Whether you add one or ten features, your plan will not change. We are offering communication freedom to allow your business to grow and succeed. 

Never miss a phone call again!

Receive the text of voicemails via an email to your inbox, including an audio file.

Record your calls

Go back and listen to important calls at any time from a convenient online archive.


Features Integral to Your Business

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  • Call Continuity

  • Call Hold

  • Call Logs

  • Call Park

  • Call Queue

  • Call Recording

  • Music On Hold

  • Click-To-Call Me

  • Do Not Disturb

  • Caller ID Lookup

  • Voicemail to Email

  • Missed Call to Email

  • Call Announce

  • Caller ID Block

  • Call Screening

  • Call Waiting

Call Encryption

Take Your Phone System to The Next Level

The great news never stops with Kinetx Co's VoIP Phone System! Explore our third-party applications that can be easily integrated with your phone system

SIP Signalling Encryption using Transport Layer Security (TLS): With this setup, all the information is passed on from the client to the server. TLS which needs a secure certificate to identify each side is used here for SIP signaling payload encryption. 

SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol) is the secure version of RTP. It is used to deliver audio and video over IP protocol with encryption, message authentication, and integrity. To strengthen the security and VoIP encryption methods, TLS should be used with SRTP on all VoIP systems. This ensures SIP signaling and voice/video sessions are end-to-end encrypted and safe from any malicious activity. 

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